6 Reasons Contacts Are Way Better than Glasses


Crisp, clear, vibrant vision. Some are born with it. The rest of us get to use corrective lenses to see the world around us. Once you find out your prescription strength, you get to make the dreaded decision you'll have to live with for the rest of your life...

...or, just until you feel like switching. Contacts or glasses?

Contacts have been around for just over 130 years now, providing clear vision in a discreet, nearly unnoticeable, way. Going from glasses to contacts, or vice versa, is a simple process that boils down to personal preference, but there are some clear advantages to wearing contacts versus glasses.

Swear by glasses? That's okay. Our article 5 Reasons Glasses Are Way Better than Contacts will help you feel better about your decision.

For the rest of you, here are six convincing reasons why contacts are way better than glasses. 

1. Contacts provide a wider field of view.

Peripheral vision, what you see to your sides when looking straight ahead, keeps us safe and aware of the things happening around us. The frames that hold the glass lenses in front of your face limit and distort your peripheral vision, making it more difficult to see the objects or the people beside you. With contacts, you don't have this problem. Contacts are placed directly on your eye and conform to the shape of your eye. This means you maintain your peripheral vision and don't have any obstructions to your sight. 

2. Contacts don't get in the way.

Play sports? Exercise? What about just giving someone a hug? Glasses have a tendency to get in the way. A quick turn of your head or a rogue elbow from the person you're playing ball with will knock off, shift, and potentially break your glasses. Do you really want to be "that person" who is always stopping the game, the hike, or the fitness class to adjust your glasses? 

Researchers studied glasses-related eye injuries and the impact of performance in athletics and found 695 different types of eye accidents in which glasses were either the main reason or a contributing factor to the trauma. 

Contacts, on the other hand, are discreet and won't get in the way of you playing the games you love. Contacts won't cause someone to slip on the floor, or shatter when impacted, like glasses. However, with enough force, a contact can fall from your eye, and you will become "that person," but this occurs far less often with contacts than glasses. If you enjoy an active lifestyle, contacts might be more for you.

3. Contacts won't clash with your outfit.

This is for those of you who are a bit more fashion forward. Do you struggle to find an outfit that matches with your frames? Do you feel you need countless frames to match your various wardrobe combinations? Your frames can give your look more pizzazz, but multiple frames get expensive. Contacts won't clash with your look. Contacts are invisible, so you don't have to worry about whether or not brown frames go with a black belt. Maybe you are looking for some flair. That's where reason #4 comes in...

4. Contacts can make a statement of their own.

Change your eye color and pupil shape with some custom contacts. If you've ever wondered what you'd look like with blue, brown, green, purple, or pretty much any colored eye, contacts can do that for you. Now you can match your eye color with your belt. Some of the more interest we've seen are:

5. Contacts don't care about the weather.

Temperature differences can wreak havoc on glass. Heat, water, vapor, and cold weather fog up glass and leave you wiping off your glasses every few minutes. Contacts aren't affected by the weather like glasses. In warm weather, you won't have to deal with sweat accumulating on your nose or around your ears like you would with glasses. In cold weather, contact won't fog up like glass lenses. Imagine the amount of time you'll save by never having to wipe off glasses again.

6. Some contacts can temporarily correct myopia.

A few of these reasons for contacts over glasses have been somewhat tongue-in-cheek. This reason is not. Some rigid contacts can actually reshape your cornea at night while you sleep. If you suffer from myopia, overnight orthokeratology (Ortho-k) lenses temporarily correct the shape of your cornea, so you can see clearly the next day without needing glasses or contacts.

Vision always has been and always will be important to us. Advancements in both glasses and contact lenses have made seeing more clearly easier than ever before.

There you have it. The six reasons why contacts are way better than glasses. Have other reasons why contacts are better than glasses? Let us know on Twitter @EMIHealth.

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