5 Reasons Glasses Are Way Better than Contacts

5 reasons glasses are better than contacts
Believe it or not, people really care about their vision. Spectacles are believed to have been invented in 13th century Italy, with contact lenses coming around 500 years later in 1887. This means people have spent centuries refining ways to see more clearly, especially since eyesight tends to get worse as we age.
In 2016, 76 percent of adult consumers in the U.S. used corrective eyewear. If you fall into that 76 percent, you've likely wrestled with the decision between glasses and contacts. Regardless of your decision up to this point, we will show you why glasses are way better than contacts. 
If you have already made the choice to wear contacts, don't worry, you still have time to change your mind. Or, you can check out our article next month, 6 Reasons Contacts Are Way Better than Glasses, and feel much better about your decision.
Back to the point of this article.
1. Glasses are less likely to cause eye infections and irritation.
Hands and fingers are packed with germs. Our door handles, phones, keyboards, and other peoples' hands are crawling with microscopic organisms that can take your beautiful eyes and turn them into red, puffy, irritated orbs on your face. After many tears and eye drops, you'll be fine, but all of that could be avoided by wearing glasses.
Glasses don't require you to touch your eyeball or the surface that will be in direct contact with your eyeball like contacts do. With fewer microbes touching your eye, your risk of an eye infection is reduced. This doesn't mean you shouldn't clean your glasses regularly, but the lack of direct contact with your eye makes glasses less likely to irritate your eyes. 
If you do wear contacts, please, please, please wash your hands before you touch your contacts and your eyes.
2. Glasses are like miniature shields for your eyes.
Mother Nature throws all kinds of irritants at you as you make your way through the world. Wind, dust, debris, and the sun all work together to get in the way of your perfect vision.
Eyeglasses can offer you protection against these elements. Glasses do a great job of blocking the wind, dust, and debris that come your way, and with photochromic lenses, your glasses can protect your eyes from the sun at the same time.
Photochromic lenses are clear indoors and at night and automatically darken in direct sunlight. Some contact lenses can block some UV light from the interior of your eye, but photochromic glasses block 100 percent of the UV from the interior and the exterior areas of your eye and your eyelids.
3. Glasses won't make existing eye sensitivity or dryness worse.
If you already have dry or sensitive eyes, wearing contacts can make these symptoms worse. Contact lens technology has come a long way since 1887, but many contact lenses still amplify dry eye syndrome.
Glasses allow for better oxygen and eye fluid flow across the eye. There are different contact lenses that can help with dry eyes, but you have to pay for that technology. These lenses tend to be more expensive, which leads to reason number 4 for glasses...
4. Eyeglasses are usually less expensive over the long run.
You don't need to replace your eyeglasses as often as you do your contacts, unless you are prone to breaking your glasses. We can't help you with that, but Dr. Oz has some recommendations for keeping your glasses from breaking.
Your glasses become an investment. If you have glasses and your prescription changes, you can keep your current frames and just switch out lenses, taking that upfront cost and spreading it across years.
Before we get to our last reason why glasses are way better than contacts, we have to make a shameless plug about vision insurance. It is, after all, what we do. Work with your optometrist when getting glasses or contacts. Schedule your annual eye exams, because we offer plans that will cover most of the cost of your exam with in-network providers. This will help you see better, avoid headaches, and be more comfortable.
5. Glasses make a statement.
Eyeglass frames can add depth to your ensemble, allowing you to make a real fashion statement. Seemingly limitless frame designs help you give the outside world a glimpse into your personality and style. Now, you can purchase contact lenses that make it look like you have different eye colors, but that's just not the same as a nice, stylish frame.
There you have it, the 5 reasons why glasses are way better than contacts. Have other reasons why glasses are better than contacts? Let us know on Twitter @EMIHealth.
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