Telemedicine Real People, Real Stories

By now, most people know what telemedicine is, but knowing how and when to use it may still be a bit blurry for some. Rather than writing about hypothetical scenarios in which telemedicine is a good option for you, we decided to highlight some real people and their stories about how they used telemedicine to save time and money.
Story #1: Fast fix in a pinch
Lindsay came down with an ear infection. She needed a prescription antibiotic quickly, but her doctor's office was 40 minutes away. Lindsay called EMI TeleMed. She explained her situation to the doctor, who properly diagnosed her with an ear infection and called in the prescription to a pharmacy near Lindsay's home. Thirteen minutes later, Lindsay picked up her antibiotic. Thanks to EMI TeleMed, Lindsay was able to call, get her medication, and continue with her day in half the time it would have taken her to drive one way to her doctor's office.
Story #2: Convenient time and money saver
Caitlin is a stay-at-home mom who spends most of her day chasing around her two kids. With her husband at work, she tries to keep the two hooligans from destroying everything in the house.
She noticed that her three-year-old boy had an unpleasant looking rash around his mouth, and it was clear that lip balm wasn't going to fix this problem. She noticed other rashes on his feet, legs, back, and hands. Rather than go to an Urgent Care or schedule an appointment with her pediatrician, Caitlin called EMI TeleMed.  She described her boy's symptoms to a representative who took down the information and passed it along to a doctor, who called back within 10 minutes. The doctor asked Caitlin more follow-up questions about her son and diagnosed the rash. The doctor called in an ointment to Caitlin's pharmacy, and it was ready 15 minutes later.
The doctor informed Caitlin that the condition was contagious and advised her to keep her son away from other children. Caitlin cancelled the group play day she had scheduled, saving a bunch of other parents from having to deal with their kids coming down with this condition.
The total time from the initial call to applying the ointment on her son was less than 30 minutes. The ointment helped alleviate the rash, and with time, the rash went away. Caitlin and her family saved the time it would have taken to drive to an Urgent Care and wait to be seen. Since EMI TeleMed consults are no cost, she also saved the cost of an Urgent Care visit. By handing the situation from her own home, Caitlin was able to keep others from catching the disease and passing on the effects to other families.
Her son's rash is gone, but he is still causing chaos wherever he goes.
Story #3: Inexpensive alternative
A few years back, Erik thought he had food poisoning. He was up all night unable to sleep and had camped out next to the toilet. He went to the Emergency Room to see if he could make it out of this ordeal alive. He was admitted to the hospital, given fluids, and sent home.
Total cost: $520
Fast forward a couple of years and Erik comes down with similar symptoms. This time, he uses EMI TeleMed. He calls the doctor at 2 a.m. and mutters how awful he feels. The doctor explains that Erik is suffering from flue symptoms and will be uncomfortable for a while, but it isn't life-threatening. The doctor makes some nutritional recommendations and over-the-counter remedies for Erik to use, coupled with rest. Erik gets over the flu, and his wallet feels much better as well.
Total cost: <$10 for the over-the-counter remedies
Take advantage of the real savings of telemedicine.
These individuals experienced real value from the service telemedicine provides.
Do you want to wait for a prescription when your friends are ready to head out on a fun-filled vacation?
Do you want to take your child to an Urgent Care and risk infecting others or catching something else, if you don't have to?
Do you want to cause unnecessary strain on the medical system by using the ER for non-emergencies, and do you want to spend $500 more than you need to for the same treatment you could get for $10?
Hopefully, your answer to all three questions is "No."
Telemedicine is here and it is real. Real people, just like you, are using it to keep themselves and their loved ones healthy without emptying their bank accounts due to high healthcare costs.
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