Wellness Coaching Success Stories

I just want to check back with you to tell you how thankful I am to have had you as my wellness coach.  I know you have given me so many tips to help me succeed with a healthier life.  I appreciate your happy, helpful and knowledgeable personalty.  I liked how you helped me choose my own goals, then asked me how I had done each week.  I am happy that you let me start out slowly.  I didn't always exercise as much as you wished I would, but I do still try.  I am doing so much better with stairs!  You also got me into the habit of only eating one plate of food at mealtime, and not coming back for seconds (or thirds).  And I still very seldom drink soda or eat sweets. Also, thanks for being a kind, listening ear when I was having so many personal trials.  Besides feeling so much better and having more energy, I have lost 25 lbs since you first started helping me.

I will get back to you in a few months to let you know how things are going.



EMI Health's wellness coach has been coaching me the last few months regarding my health. She is pleasant to talk to and very helpful. One thing I really appreciate about her approach is the way she gets me to think "outside the box" when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle. She listens to my concerns/difficulties and offers workable suggestions on improvement. I appreciate the help she has given me to this point.

Mountainland Applied Technology College Employee


I want to thank you for your input into my life through the health and wellness coaching. We covered such a variety of topics including: healthy living, exercise, diet, and managing work relationships more successfully. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the coaching process when we started, but I was so impressed by what I discovered as we worked together. You never told me what to do, but you were a great sounding board, and your insightful questions helped me to process each of these areas to the core issue that I needed to address. Our back and forth brainstorming helped me to develop some proactive solutions in each area that helped me move out of the rut in which I felt stuck. I am excited about what I learned and attempted in each of these areas, but especially what I learned in the area of relationship management. Learning to lay out the issues more concisely with a clear goal in mind for the discussion has improved my communication with my boss immensely. We are in the process of developing and improving our department leadership structure as a result of these discussions. I can’t tell you how I am excited about these developments—and the growth that is taking place in my life. So thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to do what you do…and for how effectively you do it!

Grand County Employee


Wanted to drop you a note and thank you for the time you put in the Wellness Coaching program with me. I really enjoy our visits and your genuine concern for me. I enjoyed visiting with my wellness coach before you, and now I'm getting to know you and appreciate you as well. Thank you for the many resource sites you have emailed me. They have been a great help. The last one on healthy recipes to cook in your crock pot was a great success. In fact, I forwarded it on to my son who is in the military and really into finding ways for a healthier lifestyle (and he loves to cook). He said that he has tried several of the recipes already. There was one of particular interest to me as I am currently fighting a terrible cold (Super foods that fight colds) and realize that I need to work on getting myself on a better road to good health. You are a great motivation and a big help.

Thanks again,
Iron County School District Employee