EMI TeleMed for Employer Groups

For Employer Groups

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Telemedicine can replace many time-consuming and costly ER and Urgent Care visits. We recognize that each group has different goals, and EMI TeleMed's flexible technology platform and plan designs can be customized to help your group achieve its healthcare access objectives.

Employer Benefits

As many as 70 percent of urgent care and emergency room visits are unnecessary, and patients could be effectively treated with a telephone, email, or video consultation with a doctor. By shifting the unnecessary visits to lower cost telemedicine service, you can dramatically reduce your plan's healthcare costs.

Employees can address common medical issues without leaving work. EMI TeleMed services are a cost-effective and convenient alternative for healthcare access.

  • Lower annual healthcare costs
  • Reduced employee absenteeism
  • Enhanced productivity
  • No open enrollment period
  • No denials or limits

Doctor consult fees can be customized to fit your group's needs:

  • $0.00 per call
  • $10.00 per call
  • $30.00 per call

For more information, call or email us at TeleMed@emihealth.com or (801) 270-2985.