Medical Provider Newsletter - August 2020

How to submit a preauthorization request

There are several ways for you to submit a preauthorization request to EMI Health:

  1. Call us at 888-223-6866. This is the easiest and quickest way to initiate a preauthorization request. We may request that you submit supporting documentation by fax or email, but the telephone call will get the ball rolling immediately.

  2. Send an encrypted/secure email to Please include a contact name and telephone number where we can reach you with follow-up questions. 

  3. Fax your request to 801-270-3010. Again, please include a contact name and call-back number.

  4. Submit an Outpatient Notification Form (found on our website under Provider Forms), along with supporting documentation through EMI Health's Electronic Claims Attachments portal.

If you have questions about preauthorization, visit our Preauthorization web page or contact your provider relations representative.