Medical Provider Newsletter - June 2020

Tips for faster claims processing

Use Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).

EDI claims have a faster processing time than paper claims, and there is a reduced chance of error.

  • EMI Health works with all major clearinghouses. Each clearinghouse assigns us a different payer ID. If you are searching by name, we will be listed either as EMI Health or Educators Mutual.
  • You may also submit EDI claims directly through the Utah Health Information Network (UHIN). If you are not yet set up to send claims through UHIN, you will need to obtain a trading partner number from them. Once you've received that number, you may begin submitting EDI claims to our UHIN trading partner number, HT000214-001. Test claims are not required.

Use the insured's Member ID number, as it is printed on the EMI Health ID card.

The member's ID card is your best source for the correct member ID number. If you do not have the ID card, you may look up a patient in the My EMI Health portal; however, be sure you use the insured's Member ID number, not a dependent's number. Our claims system matches on the insured's Member ID number only. Using the dependent's ID number will cause the claim to be rejected.

Keep us informed of address or TIN changes.

The sooner you let us know of an upcoming change to your address or TIN, the quicker we can update our system and avoid any delay in the processing of your claims. If your claim comes in with a TIN or address our system does not recognize, we cannot auto-adjudicate your claim.