Dental Provider Newsletter - August 2019

Credentialing basics

To become a participating provider with EMI Health, each dentist must go through a credentialing process to ensure he or she meets all requirements set by EMI Health. To apply for credentialing, providers must have a professional license, Certificate of Insurance (COI), and Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) License. All providers must be individually credentialed and submitting claims under their own National Provider Identifier (NPI) and associated Tax Identification Number (TIN). Re-credentialing takes place approximately every three years.


To be listed as a specialist, providers must have completed a residency program in that specialty.


Once a provider meets all credentialing criteria, EMI Health requires a signed agreement for each TIN under which the provider would like to participate in the network. The provider is required to sign each agreement. (Signature stamps are not permissible.)


For a provider to be considered participating at any given location, that location must be included in EMI Health's system. Providers are responsible to notify EMI Health of all locations at which they would like to participate on the network.

Adding additional TINs

EMI Health requires providers to have a signed agreement for each TIN under which they are providing services in order to be participating. Adding a TIN requires an additional agreement to be signed by the provider. (Signature stamps are not permissible).

For more information

If you have questions or would like more detailed information regarding credentialing, please feel free to contact your provider relations representative. And remember, credentialing applications and provider updates take time to process. Please notify EMI Health as soon as possible, so we can get started on your request and our members can take full advantage of your services as a participating provider.