Be Well

Be Well Program

Achieve Your Wellness Goals with BE WELL

A wellness program specifically tailored for every individual's unique goals.

EMI Health has teamed up with WebMD ONE to create a comprehensive well-being tool that puts you in the driver’s seat when it comes to your health and wellness goals. The BE WELL digital platform gives you access to all the right tools in one convenient location and has the power to help you implement healthy lifestyle changes. BE WELL engages each individual on a personal level and helps provide continual guidance and direction.

Each view into the BE WELL platform is unique. The customized dashboard is based on your individual priorities, health risks, and biometric testing data. As a result, it's completely tailored to your needs and continues to evolve over time as your priorities and health conditions change. The BE WELL tools can help you focus on areas such as weight loss, stress management, nutrition, improving your sleep habits, and tobacco cessation. If you'd like some help managing a specific health condition, BE WELL can do that too.

As one of the many benefits to being an EMI Health subscriber, you will have access to all the tools you need in order to achieve what matters most to you. Let BE WELL point you in the right direction and help you stay on track.

  • Track personal health
  • Set goals
  • Work on daily habits
  • Compete in challenges
  • Work with a personal health coach
  • Manage specific health conditions
  • Sync health-tracking devices
  • Tap into educational resources
  • Learn more

How to access BE WELL

If you are an EMI Health subscriber* who currently has a medical plan, you can access BE WELL, by logging in to your account and clicking on the "BE WELL" button.


*A subscriber is the main account holder whose name appears on the EMI Health card. Dependents are not eligible to participate at this time.