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Utah Advantage Copay for 2024

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Advantage Copay Copayment Schedule (PDF)

What is the Advantage Copay Plan?

EMI Health's Advantage Copay Plan is, as the name suggests, a copay plan. This means you have a fixed copay cost for covered dental services and procedures. You can know exactly how much a service or procedure will cost before you visit the dentist with the copay schedule.
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Plan Summary Advantage Network Out-of-Network
Oral Exams, Cleanings, Sealants, X-rays, Fluoride
100% See Claim Payment Schedule
Fillings, Space Maintainers, Oral Surgery
See Co-Pay Schedule
Crowns, Bridges, Prosthodontics, Endodontics, Periodontics
Children (age 7 through 18)
Discount Only No Coverage
Discount Only No Coverage
Specialists (** See note below)
See Co-Pay Schedule See Claim Payment Schedule
**All of the benefits outlined above are for services received from general and pediatric dentists. If participating specialists (including, but not limited to, oral surgeons, endodontists, periodontists, and prosthodontists) are used, insureds receive a discount only. There is no benefit for non-participating specialists.
Waiting Periods
Preventive None
Basic 6 Month Waiting Period
Major 12 Month Waiting Period
Not Applicable
Deductible (applies to Preventive, Basic and Major)
Individual $50
Family Max $150
Major Annual Max No Maximum
Annual Max per Person No Maximum
Orthodontic Lifetime Max
Not Applicable
Pediatric EHB Annual Max None
Pedriatric Individual EHB Out-of-Pocket Max $375
Pediatric Family EHB Out-of-Pocket Max $750

Co-Pays/Claim Payments are subject to change January 1st of each year. All Services are subject to EMI Health Maximum Allowable Charge. When using a Non-participating Provider, the insured is responsible for all fees in excess of the Maximum Allowable Charge.