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Medical Provider Newsletter

May 2022

Introducing a new provider relations representative

We are pleased to introduce a new provider relations representative for the Northern Utah Region: Joseph Patris. Joe is a dedicated team player with years of experience collaborating with small and large groups and maintaining excellent client relationships. He has a bachelor of science in criminal justice from the University of Guam. Joe is a tremendous asset to our team, and we are confident that you will find his skills and professionalism to be a great benefit to your office as well. For a full listing of EMI Health provider relations representatives and their contact information, visit our website.

Important reminder

We are committed to providing our members with accurate network information and processing your claims as quickly and accurately as possible. To help with that effort, please notify your provider relations representative as soon as possible of upcoming address or phone number changes, Tax Identification Number (TIN) additions or changes, or changes in your availability to accept new patients. If you haven't checked your listing on our provider directory recently, visit https://emihealth.com or use the EMI Health mobile app to confirm that your information is correct.