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Dental Provider Newsletter

February 2022

What's new with you?

We made it through January—surely the longest month of the year. Hopefully, you've had a chance to settle in and get organized for 2022. If seems like a good time to check in and make sure we are up to date.

Are you moving? Changing TINs? Bringing on a new provider?

The sooner you let us know (preferably before the change happens), the sooner we can update our system and avoid any delay in the processing of your claims and ensure our members always know where to find you. If a dentist joins or leaves your practice, we need to know that too.

Has your practice recently reached capacity or opened to new patients?

Please let us know when you experience a change in your ability to accept new patients. Our provider directory includes a notation indicating whether a dentist is accepting new patients or established patients only. Of course, the information is only useful to the member—and to your office—if it is accurate.

Do you know what information we have for you?

If you haven't checked your listing on our provider directory recently, visit our website or use the EMI Health mobile app to confirm that your information is correct. If you have any updates, notify your provider relations representative.