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Medical Provider Newsletter

Quarter 1 Medical Provider Newsletter

Introducing the New Member Lookup Tool: Enhancing Provider Experience

We are excited to announce a valuable addition to our suite of resources—the new Member Lookup tool, designed to streamline and enhance your experience with EMI Health. Accessible via the EMI Health website under the "Providers" dropdown menu (https://emihealth.com/Providers/MemberLookup), this tool offers real-time eligibility verifications and provides basic benefit information for our medical and dental memberships. This includes any TDA memberships that have transitioned to the EMI Health claims system.


Key Features:


1. Real-Time Eligibility Verifications: Instantly retrieve up-to-date eligibility information for EMI Health medical and dental membership.


2. Streamlined Access: Find basic benefit details effortlessly through the user-friendly interface, saving you time and improving efficiency.


Future Enhancements:

As we continuously strive to improve your experience, additional elements will be integrated into the Member Lookup tool over time. Your feedback is crucial in shaping the evolution of this resource to better serve your needs. Share your thoughts and suggestions by reaching out to your dedicated provider relations representative (https://emihealth.com/Providers/ContactUs).


Thank you for choosing EMI Health as your trusted partner. We believe that the Member Lookup tool will be a valuable asset in streamlining your administrative processes. For any inquiries or assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.