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Medical Provider Newsletter

November 2023

Provider Records and Recredentialing Process

In order for our members to find you, it’s important that our records stay updated. Please keep us informed of demographic updates such as a change in your Tax ID number, moving your practice to a different location, or joining a different practice. These changes in our system will affect what is displayed on our website and how members are directed to you, as well as how claims are processed. Incorrect information in our system can cause a delay in members finding you as well as delays in claim processing.

EMI Health also requires that providers go through a re-credentialing process every three years.  This process helps ensure that our records are accurate as well as verify that your credentialing status is in good standing. Part of this process requires that an application be completed so that we can verify your demographic information. In addition, we will request a copy of your current state license, DEA license, professional liability coverage and hospital privileges if applicable.

We appreciate your time and efforts in helping with this process when your re-credentialing time comes up. 


UHIN Conference

We enjoyed attending the UHIN Conference last month. Thank you to all those who visited with us! We loved seeing you and getting the opportunity to chat.