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Medical Provider Newsletter

June 2022

Receiving payment through electronic funds transfer (EFT)

EMI Health is pleased to offer the convenience, savings, and security of having your claims payments remitted electronically to your bank account (electronic funds transfer or EFT). This will save you the time and effort of depositing checks, as well as allow you to receive payment quicker.

In order to enroll in this paperless method of payment, you must be receiving electronic remittance advices (835) from EMI Health. The 835 is a fully electronic report containing claim adjudication details, including payment and adjustments. Once you enroll in this paperless method of payment, you will no longer receive paper Explanations of Payment (EOPs). If you are using the EOPs to apply payments to your patients' accounts, you are not ready to enroll in EFT with EMI Health.

If you are not sure of your 835 status with EMI Health, ask your clearinghouse whether you are enrolled to receive 835 reports from EMI Health. If you are not able to verify this information through your own clearinghouse, our clearinghouse, UHIN, can check your enrollment status. Call them at (877) 693-3071. Once you are actively accepting EDI 835s from EMI Health, complete the online form to enroll in EFT. If you have questions, please contact our office at (800) 662-5850.