Medical Provider Newsletter

November 2021

Provider forms update – for faster service, make sure you are using the appropriate EMI Health forms

EMI Health has recently updated several of our provider forms, including credentialing applications and provider agreements. If you have saved any forms you previously received from us, please discard them. If you need a new application, provider agreement, or any other form, please contact your provider relations representative. Be sure to include the provider's name, TIN, and Type 1 NPI in your request. You can help us process your requests promptly and efficiently by using the appropriate forms.

Important reminder

We are committed to providing our members with accurate network information and processing your claims as quickly and accurately as possible. To help with that effort, please notify EMI Health as soon as possible of upcoming address or phone number changes, Tax Identification Number (TIN) additions or changes, or changes in your availability to accept new patients. If you haven't checked your listing on our provider directory recently, visit or use the EMI Health mobile app to confirm that your information is correct.