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Integrated Care Management

You are not alone. You have a team behind you providing support, care, and resources for every step along your healthcare journey

Care Management

What is Integrated Care Management?

Think of it as a team of nurses, mental health social workers, and wellness coaches all working together to make sure the healthcare system is working for you. Your multi-disciplinary team can assist you with navigating the complex healthcare system, providing education on your condition, helping to coordinate an appropriate plan of care, identifying gaps in care, and helping you set long- and short-term healthcare goals.

Support for all stages of health

The Care Management program has three main pillars, each dealing with a different phase of health.

Health Coaching

You have a personal health and wellness coach. Let that sink in.

A team of health and wellness professionals are available now through your BeWell portal to help you reach your goals and make lasting lifestyle changes. From starting a new exercise plan, to managing stress, WebMD health coaches are here to help you thrive in all aspects of well-being.

Your coach gives you personalized attention through phone calls and secure messaging. Your coach is ready to support in whatever way you need, check-in to report how you are doing, seek advice, and celebrate your wins big and small.

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Disease Management

Never miss an opportunity to feel better.

Achieving health goals can be a difficult journey, especially for those living with an ongoing health condition. You don’t have to do it alone. Our team of nurse health coaches are here to help you navigate certain chronic conditions.

Your nurse health coach can work with you one-on-one free and confidentially. Let us work with you on achieving better health.

Call: 1-800-451-6123 to talk to a Nurse Health Coach today.

Case Management

Supporting you and your family during times of need.

An experienced clinician is here to provide personal support during a serious injury or illness. We can help you when you need it most by answering questions, facilitating communication between you and your doctor, and helping you understand your treatment.