Integrated Care Management

You are not alone. You have a team behind you providing support, care, and resources for every step along your healthcare journey

Care Management

What is Integrated Care Management?

Think of it as a team of doctors, nurses, mental health social workers, and wellness coaches all working together to make sure the healthcare system is working for you. Your team looks at your case from a multi-discipline method that can help identify gaps in care and better ways to coordinate your treatments.

Support for all stages of health

The Care Management program has three main pillars, each dealing with a different phase of health. You can access all of these
by calling 1-855-586-2568.

Health Coaching

You have a personal health and wellness coach. Let that sink in.

A health & wellness professional is at your beck and call to craft custom exercise plans, meal plans, sleep routines, and wellness activities to help you be who you want to be.
Call your personal coach to report how you’re doing, for advice, or to celebrate your successes.

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Disease Management

Never miss an opportunity to feel better.

Your team of multi-disciplined experts are your health advocates. Chronic diseases can be complex, and can often leave you wondering how all the treatment plans work together and which medication to take and when.
Disease management eliminates gaps in care, helping you avoid disastrous readmissions or painful restarts to treatment programs and helping you heal faster.

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Acute Care Management

From hospital to home, we’re here with you every step of the way.

You’ve just been through a procedure at the hospital. The last thing you want is to get readmitted for something preventable. Your team of pharmacists, nurses, and mental health social workers will make sure you have the proper medications, education, and resources to transition from hospital to home.

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