Senior Dental and Vision Plans

EMI Health offers three senior dental insurance plans and a discount dental program, as well as a senior vision plan.

The Senior Choice PPO (High) dental plan allows you the flexibility to choose from Premier and Advantage dentists and includes an out-of-network benefit. When you receive care from one of our in-network providers, you will receive 100-percent coverage on preventive care with no waiting periods.

The Choice PPO (Low) dental plan is similar to the Senior Choice PPO (High) plan, but with a slightly lower annual maximum and lower out-of-network benefits.

The Senior Advantage Co-Pay dental plan gives you peace of mind knowing what your out-of-pocket expense will be before going to any in-network provider. The plan uses a set copayment schedule for services and has 100-percent coverage on in-network preventive dental care.

The Senior Value Discount plan is a discount dental program that allows participants to receive up to 70-percent savings on preventive care, 60 percent on basic care, and 50 percent on major dental services with no waiting periods. The Value discount program is in-network only and has the lowest monthly fee. This is not an insured product.

 The Senior VSP 10-210 vision plan covers a well-vision exam, as well as glasses or contacts. You also receive discounts on lens enhancements and LASIK.

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