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Group plans in Arizona – Fast Facts

Provider Networks

Provider Networks

  • Medical You have the option of 3 medical networks in Arizona. The Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona network (with First Health for nationwide coverage), the Aetna National PPO, or the Cigna PPO national network.

  • Dental Summit (Cigna Dental), Premier (DenteMax), Advantage (Careington PPO), and Value (Careington POS) networks

  • Vision VSP Choice and VSP Choice Plus, Opticare

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Level-funding in Utah


  • Groups in Arizona are combined with other like-businesses in our unique level-funded industry pools. To join one, contact your broker and ask about EMI Health’s level-funded pools.

  • We have over 300 businesses like yours enjoying the advantages of stable renewals and risk spread.

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Plan details

Plan details

  • We offer customizable medical plan designs (including Qualified High Deductible Plans) with copay and deductible ranges that fit your needs.

  • We also offer Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) plans.

  • All of our dental and vision plans can be considered voluntary or contributory.

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