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Group plans in Utah – Fast Facts

Provider Networks

Provider Networks

  • Medical In Utah, the medical network is the Care Plus network (with Intermountain Healthcare). Outside Utah, we offer either the Aetna National PPO or the Cigna PPO network for nationwide coverage.

  • Dental Summit (Cigna Dental), Premier, Advantage, and Value networks

  • Vision VSP Choice and VSP Choice Plus, Opticare

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Level-funding in Utah


  • Our level-funded pools are exclusive to the broker agencies we partner with. To join one, contact your broker and ask about EMI Health’s level-funded pools.

  • We have over 300 businesses like yours enjoying the advantages of stable renewals and risk spread.

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Plan details

Plan details

  • We offer customizable medical plan designs (including Qualified High Deductible Plans) with copay and deductible ranges that fit your needs.

  • All of our dental and vision plans can be considered voluntary or contributory.

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